Тест Whites MXT Pro на разделение (nail board). Видео

Производители металлоискателей часто творят странные поступки… Перекрашивают детекторы, выдавая их за новинки, добавляют модификации которые реально путают. Например, попробуйте разобраться в модельной ряде — Whites MXT, Whites MXT Pro, Whites MXT All Pro. В чем разница? Между первым и втором, отличия есть. А вот между MXT Pro и MXT All Pro, разница только в катушке и наклейке.

Смотрим видео тест Whites MXT Pro на разделение. Это не простой тест — nail board. С помощью этого теста можно сравнивать несколько металлоискателей.

Все о металлоискателе Whites MXT Pro собирается здесь (тесты, сравнения, разные мнения), информация о модификации Whites MXT All Pro — здесь.

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  • История появления этого теста, приведу выдержку статьи от Monte:

    «..Reality, just as it occurred, and capable of being duplicated by anyone with any metal detector or search coil, anywhere in the world. Perhaps the best example I can offer here is my ‘Nail Board Performance Test’ which was an actual encounter on Memorial Day Weekend in 1994 in the ghost town of Frisco, Utah. It was both a detector find and a visual find as it comprised an Indian Head 1¢ laying on top of the ground in plain view surrounded by four (4) rusty iron nails.

    The nails were not of the same diameter and length, all being different from the others, and they were not purposefully placed in an orientation to the coin for a demonstration, such as exactly vertical or exactly horizontal to the coin. The location was on top of the old ‘school hill’ and the hilltop was covered by a lot of discarded nails or those remaining after fire destroyed the ruins. A scattering of iron nails, with four of them spaced a reasonable distance from others so as not to cause a problem, and a more than a century-old Indian Head laying on the surface, roughly centered among the four surrounding nails. I was evaluating a now defunct detector manufacturer’s detector and coils, and taking notes and gathering some test samples while on my way to Prescott Arizona to give a week-long class at the college on ‘Recreational Metal Detecting.’

    Since I had my clipboard with me I was able to use a sheet of paper placed over the set-up I encountered to make an exact positioning of the four rusty nails and Indian Head 1¢, then pick them all up to be able to duplicate an exact Nail Board Test piece. I used it while in Prescott and countless times since in seminars, when set up at sportsman’s shows, gold and treasure shows, club and group meetings and outings, and as a dealer when demonstrating detector performance, or lack-of, for challenging iron plagued hunt sites. I also know that my Nail Board Performance Test is in the hands of at least four metal detector design engineers, and also that four or five detector manufacturers have one for their use…»

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